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    The interest which justifies my attachment for the stamp, is to commemorate people, events, and objects, which escape (of course) from the usual official emissions.

    The post office is the only organization authorized to issue stamps, but each one can propose a subject, which is due to him in heart. It can be for an area, a city, an event, a landscape... to have our own stamp is a consecration. For one person, the law authorizes to do it only on a purely posthumous basis.


    It is forbidden to represent on a stamp somebody still alive.

    What you would say, while going to seek your mail, if instead of the official Marianne stamp there is... Eddie the Ead or Wayne & Garth (the crazy guys of Wayne's World)? This happened to some of my recipients with whom I had posted a letter with a stamp not really in conformity since it was completely unique and false!


    According to the post office, the stamps must be located imperatively at the right top of the envelope. But nothing prohibits to stick elsewhere on the envelop one or more labels (we will speak about false stamps only if these labels indicate a money value)


    But when the post-office employees realize the trickery, which is extremely rare (unless they quite simply close their eyes), they make you pay the sum which should have been discharged with an additional tax.


    The false stamps presented on this site arrived at the right place with the official plug, making them natural and even truer than the original.


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