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    Do you know postal art? Which we called also mail-art. The goal of this exercise is to imagine and to create an artistic postal correspondence, which will have to thwart the post offices in order to arrive at the right place, the postmark being taken!


    It is not enough any more to put a stamp and an address on a vulgar white envelope. Postal art opens all the possibilities of composition through the decoration of this envelope, which becomes a painting with whole share then. I propose you to discover what perhaps postal art through my adventures… stamped (crazy)!


    It is not necessary to be a recognized "artist" to take part of it, even if great names (Matisse, Picasso...) also took pleasure to decorate their mail. Regarded as "Poor art", using recovery, the diversion and all the techniques of graphic or plastic, it was often militant, protestor and voluntary iconoclastic. It can be also family and friendly.


    At this point of time, where the necessary effectiveness of Internet tends to impoverish the form with the profit of the speed, it is pleasant and reassuring to be able, for the simple pleasure to send and receive, to exchange these mails full with imagination and freedom, which are as many small gifts entrusted to the good care of the post office.


    Perhaps something which is essential since we wish to give pleasure by giving pleasure to ourselves. Not more complicated than that. It’s just been thrown together out of the Art laws, the mail art, or postal art, concerns a small intrigue, sometimes exotic, containing stamps (true and false), adhesive, paper, recycled advertising, original envelopes, printed or artisan cards, stickers... Then the post office will have to make this clandestine art, which generally does not claim any particular school and which hopes to open out in all marginality, travelling around the world. This refusal of the institutions, of the art market and the normative aspect of our society are often clarified on the sending by the expressions "Not for sale, No copyright ". It is in the same spirit as of many invitations to take part in projects of mail art, specifying the freedom of expression of the participant: "No fee, No jury, technique and size free" (2). In other words, freedom of format...


    If I had to define the mail art, I would say that it is a game, a way of life and a permanent communication.


    The mail art has been a practice used by the poets and artists of the whole planet for several decades, but it remains always effective, impertinent and creative.


    The mail art is one of the largest popular artistic practices of the 20th century, or rather since the post office exists.


    The mail-artists are art lovers or simply lovers of originality and of the non-conventional...


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