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Tired of advertisements in your postal box, household electrical
appliance and competitions won without having played  ?

To stop the greyness of the daily mail, here is a wonderful cure : Mail-Art.
The envelope is a canvas, stamps are source of inspiration...

Mail-art is just a fun game.
Imagination, invention, everything can be used in order to satisfy your
Of course, the pleasure to thwart the Post office rules is included too.

The Mail-art is also a challenge 'cause postmen are usually chasing away
addresses written outside normalized spaces... But generally the letter
still travels !

Found of plastic-arts, the artists are spending their time in sticking,
Scotch-taping, cutting, painting and bending under the influence of an
obsession: put some colour and particular sense in their mails.


By challenge, by mockery or passion, their only aim is sending by the
most significant possible method an item to an address hopping
to obtain the famous "as attested by date on postmark".

Duly obliterated, alien mails are running all over the world :
Designed letters with corks of champagne, bricks of raids of vineyard,
printed place mats, cards in plasters, wooden caskets of cedar can be found
in postal boxes!
Thanks to these guys.

Nevertheless, handmade stamps and personnal postmark have to be
be officially stamped by tht post office to exist...

At the time of e-mails and computer communication, while
traditionnal correspondence is quite obsolete, the so-called
underground Mail-art is on the way to become a really hype attitude.

And remember, the only goal of Mail-art is freedom of expression and
communication without frontiers of a usual act.