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RH stamp became mascot of "Rock Hard Box"in March 2006.
Thank you Cristiano :o)

Juillet 2005 - site web de Telerama

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HARD-ROCK MAG n 81 - Juillet 2002 / July 2002.





You know him, Postman made his own reputation by creating stamps with the effigy of his favorite metal bands : AC/DC, Iced Earth, Iron Maiden, Stratovarius. Nightwish, etc. Many of them had been already capture on stamps. Of course, the glory of the Postman comes owing to the fact that these beautiful stamps "were all plugged" by the post office, which never realized the hoax. Well done… For our greater pleasure, the Postman enriched his collection with a new stamp, slightly different from the others. His last creation is indeed a stamp with the effigy of Hard rock Magazine!  It’s beautiful, isn’t it ? Thus, have a look on the very complete web site of this alternative artist, you will be surprised :


HARD-ROCK MAG n 81 - 2001.

HARD-ROCK MAG n 81 - november 2001.


You have all at some point fantasized about the super powers of the super-heroes from those 60s comix, such as Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Action Man (oops…)…  As kids, you surely dreamt that Wonderwoman would take you in her arms (and between her breasts)…  But, let's be serious for a second.  Have you ever met a guy, dressed in a flashy costume and tights over an over-sized organ, with tons of gel in his hair, a kinky cape over his shoulders, fly through the air above your heads, seeking for a lost soul?


Let's be honest: "Super-heroes don't exist" I hear you telling us.  Is that so?  If such is your thought, it is because you have never encountered THE POSTMAN!  Yes, the Americans better beware: while they invent stories about “Tarlouzes” with extraordinary powers, straight out of comic books, you can rejoice at being in the only country that is home to the only real super-hero.


Jeannine D., employee of the Roubaix post office "One day, he came to my counter.  I did not know it was him.  He gave me a letter to send.  I did not have time to see anything, one stamp and it was done.  […]  Well yes, I am still scared to cross his path again…"  Jeannine D. is not the only one to have suffered from The Postman's crime.


But what can this Postman do, that is so horrendous?


As Hannibal savoring the guts of his victim, The Postman's pleasure derives from aggravating Post Office employees.  He is a specialist in the production of fake stamps, which he amuses himself by having officially stamped in official post offices.  He meticulously redraws the French stamps.  Have you ever thought about replacing the portrait of your Marianne by that of Alice Cooper or Dave Mustaine?  Why has the Post never printed collectible stamps showing the latest Rhapsody or Bon Scott album torn by the handle of a Gibson?


However, his aim remains modest and is as such quite forgivable.  He manufactures unique stamps one by one, which he tries, as much as possible, to get stamped by the different post offices in France.  His motivation: offer to the concerned band a unique stamp officially stamped by the Post.  Isn't that sweet?


You have to admit that his goal – however illegal – deserves to be supported.


Web surfers can visit the exhibition of his crimes on his personal Web Page ( ) where numerous bands are represented: Trust, Maiden, Loudblast; Symphony X, Suicidal tendencies, etc… Not to mention the two weirdoes from Wayne's World!  Laugh guaranteed.


Obviously, since not all postmen are dumb (that is when they are not on strike), they sometimes stop the error.  It can be noted that the Rouen Post Office discovered one of these out-of-the-ordinary stamps designed with the Metallica singer.  But the guy is not stupid (The Postman, not the singer).  Aware of the risks he runs every time he tries to have one stamped, he changes the name of the receiver.  In this particular case, the receiver was… James Hetfield!  It was at this point that the Rouen Post Office summoned the French citizen James Hetfield who, of course, never showed up.


So, is a Hard-Rock Mag stamp next in line?


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